Minggu, 04 Oktober 2015

Age and Feelings

I used to despise to get close with the guys below my age. You know, the guys who were born later than 1992.

But yeah, I got close with some of them. Getting to know what they think about stuffs, getting to know how they treat me (and how they treat girls in general), and here what I conclude:

There is nothing generalizable about feelings and age between two people. It is merely a sensation.

1. Getting close with someone above my age, even older less than a month:
I dig it. I feel like he dominates me. I feel like I can clung and he will get everything else done from me.
The way he asked to be pampered is rather cute, tho. Like an older brother holding his cry from fighting with the guys his age? Like that. It's like you want to pamper him while holding your laughs. Lol.

2. Getting close with someone below your age, even just a month younger:
It's like the opposite: I dominate him. I tell him things, ask him things loud and clear.
It's like you can't wait to pamper him everytime. You go 'sini sini mendekat' everytime you near him.
It's like when you walk, he walks near you protecting you like 'watch out she's kinda queen'. Oh Gosh 😂😂
And when you're upset over something suddenly he's there, thinking more mature than any older men you know. Surprising you.

See? Age is merely a sensation. It doesn't measure maturity.

Someone tell me 'you're the kind of women who will chase around young guys after you married.'

Oh no. I hate pampering guys with materialism. I hate chasing guys first and makin him chase me. I have too much of dignity. If I'm hot even aftee I hit 40 who knows they will hit on me?

And beside: I plan to be stricly monogamous after marriage.


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