Kamis, 18 Februari 2016


What define sexiness of a men?
Okay, I will talk a full bullshit.

1. The way he treats the girl.
This is not about him being the gentlemen. F*ck there will be a phase for that.

It's about he's being fair. He put the goodness for a girl far above his. He protects her. He asks, loud and clear. He talks. He provides topics. He treats her like she should be, all brain and heart. He's ready to be her companion, whatever you name it, friend, lover, hookup. And before, he acts really fair: what happens ahead is a mutual consent for whatever consequence it bears. He knows what both wants and he acts fairly upon the mutual knowledge.

Intinya, gak buta mau maunya sendiri. Gak php. Gak pake trik. Gak bohong, gak curang. Jelas. Adil. Mutual consent. Sama2 tau apa yang dimau.


2. His eyes.
Omg this is the sexiest organs a human can bear. Eyes is the window of the heart. Eyes reflect what happens inside. The way he looks at the girl, the way he states through his stare: you are what I want or you're safe with me now

I don't stare at guy's eyes but when I do I could stare at his for two hours straight. It's like dopamine and oxytocin strength game. Whoever get the most pleasure but the least consequence wins. God, eyes are just f*ckin sexy.

3. His hand (and arms, for squeezing and leaning, lol)
Hands of men are mostly big, rough, something the opposite of girls'. It defines strength and protection too. And here goes the hormones game again, whoever takes this war longer, get the most pleasure and the least pain from holding hands, wins.
Is holding hands off the table? If it is, you're just too afraid. (Or you're just not an occasional holding hand person, which reduces the fun)

4. His shoulder
Broad and strong, again, the total opposite of the girls'. I mostly judge men's body from their shoulders, be it from behind or upfront. Shoulders are just huggable isn't it?
Want me to talk about the hormones game again? Lol.

5. His voice (including his laugh)
This really matters for brainy women: a brainy men who know how to attract through his talk, and his voice. He doesn't have to be on bachelor degree to be that smart, he just has to smart enough to bring the topics from the trash ones into the heavy ones. Not every one is like this.
Funny men are the best too. I don't exaggerate when I say laughs are the faster attraction men can do to me.
And, voice can change from friendly, dominant, soft, and drains out.
Tell me how it isn't sexy.


Like I said I will talk a total bullshit. So are you sexy? Just use that 5 points above. But before: be attractive! be confident! Yeah, before you're close enough to a girl for proving you are sexy.


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